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Review: Benefit POREfessional Primer – Disappearing Act

  • Posted on June 18, 2013 at 7:58 pm

“Before I go to bed at night I ice my face because it closes your pores and makes a difference in the morning.”  ~ Jasmine Tookes

Benefit POREfessional Collage

I just wrote a post about primers, but I absolutely had to do a follow-up once I tried out Benefit’s POREfessional primer.  Oh…my…goodness.  If someone showed me pictures of the results I saw using this product I would claim that they must have been Photoshopped.  But having seen the results first hand, I can tell you that this product is AMAZING!


Benefit POREfessional – The Claims

  • Minimize the appearance of pores
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines
  • Mattify shine


True Beauty Junkie Assessment

For those of you with large pores, get ready to do your hallelujah dance.  You are going to want to pick this product up and give it a try as soon as possible!  Does it do as it claims?  YES, across the board.

First, I have to give lots of love to my fiance, who bravely allowed me to use him as a model for this product because his pores are much more prominent than mine.  He puts up with so much when it comes to my makeup obsession, and this was going above and beyond.

I wanted to give you guys some true before and after pictures to see the transformation for yourselves.  All of these pictures have not been retouched in any way – they are the real deal.

Before and After Face Collage

In this first picture you can see that not only did the primer basically make the pores on his nose disappear, it also canceled out some of the redness in his skin and smoothed out the pores on his cheeks as well.

Left Cheek CollageIn the second set of pictures I took a close-up of his cheek so that you could see how it takes away a lot of the defined coloring and edges of his pores and evened out his skin tone.





Bottom Line

I am truly impressed with this primer.  It went above and beyond my expectations.  If you have issues with enlarged pores, acne scarring, discoloration – you should really give this a try.  I have worked it into my routine by using my regular Makeup Forever color-correcting primer all over my face, and then use the Benefit POREfessional on and around my nose.

A word of caution for anyone with a darker skin tone though.  This product is not clear, it does have a little bit of pigment to it, so it may cause an ashy tone to your skin.  But if you are using it under foundation, that shouldn’t be a problem.